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DSLR photography courses for beginners

DSLR Photography courses for beginners

In search of DSLR photography courses for beginners you might have stumbled upon the many articles where you will see a list of blogs where Udemy , or Coursera courses are ranked in lists with the course reviews copy pasted.

we will not be talking about these courses or ranking them, Instead we will be focusing on YouTube because that is a place where people are now fighting for quality content

Are these courses really worth your time and Money? From My personnel experience these course are worth nothing and are promoted by giving free course registrations, and discount coupons you might will be able to register to these so called paid courses but you will learn nothing out of them. The reason being most of the courses creators except the elite 1% upload every video they recorded randomly just to make some extra buck out of the course. I have 760 courses on Udemy and most of them have this kind of content.

I have 760 courses on Udemy but most of them are not worth my time because we can find better courses on YouTube by real creators.
I have 760 courses on Udemy but most of them are not worth my time because we can find better courses on YouTube by real creators.

So to discuss the best DSLR photography courses for beginners we will not be talking about these courses or ranking them, Instead we will be focusing on YouTube because that is a place where people are now fighting for quality content and most professional photographers are not worried about earning from selling small courses on topics like DSLR photography courses for beginners.

1. DSLR photography course for beginners by Sudhir Shivaram

DSLR Photography course: How to become a better photographer by Shudir Shivaram

Instructor’s Introduction

Sudhir Shivaram with his Cameras

Sudhir Shivaram is a Software Engineer from India with a very strong technical background. He has been teaching photography for 15 years and has 25 years of photography experience. He was Canon’s Brand ambassador for 8 years, he was Sanctuary Asia’s Wildlife photographer of the year 2012, and National Geographic used his Wildlife photograph as the cover his image also won the National Geographic Yellow Border Award. He was the third most influential person in the photography world in 2017. In wildlife photography he has been placed at number 12 among top photographers on the web by xxlpix Website; and when it comes to wildlife photography he is placed at Number 1 by the Same Website.

So He is one of the top guys you want to take a DSLR photography courses for beginners. In His YouTube Course he focuses on the following Important aspects of the course;

Course content

  1. Image Quality
  2. White Balance
  3. Exposure Triangle
  4. Metering
  5. Focusing

DSLR Photography courses for beginners by Chris Bray

DSLR photography course by Chris Bray

Instructor’s Introduction

Chris Bray is a well know photographer who grew up sailing on water and doing photography he is an Award winning Australian Geographic photographer. Most of his work is purchased by National Geographic, Discovery Channel , and Go Pro. He takes people on photography tours all around the world and takes amazing photos. He made a photography course in 7 years and posted it up on YouTube .

He has made his course with in-depth discussion on the following topics

Course content

  1. Introduction and background.
  2. Composition
  3. Exposure
  4. Basic Photography
  5. Aperture and Depth of the field.
  6. Shutter Speed and Movement
  7. ISO
  8. Lighting

DSLR Photography course for beginners By Chris Parker

DSLR Photography course for beginners by Chris Parker

Instructor’s Introduction

Chris Parker is an award-winning photographer born in Hollywood the central hub of the world for photography and filmmaking, he has 30 years of professional photography experience and is definitely an authority in Photography. He has professionally Photographed for more than 500 international Weddings and is earning quite well by doing professional photography.

Content for the DSLR Photography Courses For Beginners

Chris Parker’s course is very in depth and is filled with a lot of tips and tricks that you will not find. He has focused on creating the course he says to teach people things he wished he knew when he started his photography career. The course outline goes as following;

  1. Quick start guide
    1. 5 photography tips
    2. Painting with light
    3. How your camera works
    4. What camera to buy?
  2. Equipment
    1. Master your camera gear
    2. Camera settings
    3. Camera Modes
    4. Lenses
  3. Light
    1. Characteristics of light
    2. Quality of Light
    3. Color effects of light
  4. Composition
    1. What is composition
    2. Rule of thirds
    3. Framing
  5. Editing
    1. Paid vs Free Software
    2. Where editing starts in photography?
    3. Pro Tips

DSLR Photography Course for beginners by Wolf Amri

DSLR Photography Courses for beginners by Wolf Amri

Instructor’s Introduction

Wolf Amri is a freelance photographer and has learned photography by taking special photography courses in Austria. The reason he is on this list of courses is the detailed course content he has put on YouTube . Please keep in mind that his course is a playlist each chapter of the course is a separate video, make sure you click the i button so that you can see all the episodes of the course. The course content is as follows;

Course Content

  1. Explanation of Exposure
  2. Explanation of Aperture
  3. Explanation of ISO
  4. Effects of Aperture and Shutter speed
  5. Effects of Aperture
  6. Effects of Shutter speed, How to blur background in Portrait photography
  7. Motion blur and use shutter Speed to avoid it.
  8. Best ISO settings for your camera
  9. Focus points and focus rules

DSLR photography course by denial life

DSLR photography courses for beginners by Denial Life

Instructor’s Introduction

Denial Life is a YouTube creator and has put up a great course on photography for free his course

Course Content

  1. Different types of cameras and lenses
  2. Advantages of APS C Sensor Camera
  3. Advantage of full form Camera
  4. Crop factor
  5. Disadvantage of a full frame camera
  6. Different types of frames
  7. What is aperture of a camera?
  8. What is shutter speed?
  9. What is ISO?
  10. Examples of Aperture
  11. Why do I need a tripod?
  12. Examples of crop factor
  13. Why is crop factor important?
  14. How to take landscape photos?
  15. How to take macro photos?
  16. How to take Portrait photos?
  17. Problems when using a fast aperture
  18. Raw or Jpeg
  19. How to take sport photos?
  20. How to take photos at night?
  21. APS C vs full frame camera in low light
  22. How to draw light phots
  23. Half automatic modes AV, TV, S, A.

Honorable mentions for DSLR Photography courses for beginners

As we have mentioned the DSLR photography courses for beginners in this blog post we are also mentioning some good videos which will be teaching you a lot in less time. You can call them crash courses on DSLR Photography.

Master your camera in 20 minutes by Tomorrow’s Filmmakers Academy

Tomorrow’s film making academy’s this course introduction video is although appears to be selling a full length course but the video is so good that you can actually master your camera settings in just 20 minutes. they have cut through the noise and made a simple video on need to know basis for you so that you can learn following things fast about photography and film making

  1. Frame rate
  2. ISO
  3. Shutter speed
  4. Aperture
  5. White Balance

Photography basics in 10 minutes by David Manning

Basics of Photography in 10 minutes

David Manning has a YouTube channel with more than Three hundred fifty thousand followers and counting. He has explained the basics of photography in a very comprehensive way.

How to use a DSLR Camera? By Beebom

The video explains the basics of Exposure triangle by discussing its elements that are ISO, Shutter speed and Aperture.


To conclude it must be said that if you really have a passion for photography Before looking for any paid DSLR courses for beginners you must watch the above suggestions and practice, and if you still find yourself stuck please ask for help in the comment section. Moreover if you think that we have left out someone special do mention in the comments section we will review your suggestion and will update the article.